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I'm Amelia, and I'm the brains behind Minimalist Jewellery (just joking, that's actually Pete). I'm actually the buyer, creative director and super spender specialist.

I'm also chief Instagram poster, liker and commenter. Each time I see a customer post on their social media featuring their Minimalist jewels and do a little fist pump and heel click, and boy does it put a smile on my face knowing you love your pieces that I have oooohed, ummmed and ahhhed over (and usually at 1am).

Although as proud as I am over creating a successful business, my biggest achievement is my amazing family. Pete and I are so fortunate (but don't get me wrong, we worked bloody hard to get to this position) to be able to work from home and spend our days with Frankie. And we are super excited to meet our newest member in August.

I have worked and studied in all kinds of industries, including working as a hairdresser for 10 years, and a completed teaching degree. I always, always dreamed of creating my own business, and I was forever searching for affordable, fun, Jewellery that didn't affect my skin, and with the expert help of my amazing husband, our dream became a reality.

Five random facts:

1. I would have made a really good super rich person.

2. I cry when I'm happy, sad, angry and probably in between. I even cried watching Kardashians last week.

3. I have broken my arm 3 times. Once I was literally just standing stationary on my rollerblades and fell over, another time I fell over running away from a boy (#boygerms) and last but not least, I fell down some stairs. I'm obviously super athletic and amazingly coordinated. 

4. I don't drive. The last time I drove I crashed my best friends car. Into our garage. Didn't even make it out the driveway. 

5. I have a girls name picked out for this next bubba, but I'm not 100% convinced on a boys. Suggestions most welcome.

Anyway, that's enough about boring old me. Let's get back to much more important things, like shopping.

Amelia x

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