Minimalists Unite

Posted by Amelia Crumpton on

From one minimalistic human to another, even though the word is kind of hard to spell and pronounce (not winning any spelling bee's anytime soon), why is minimalism now so appealing in all aspects of our lives from things like our clothes, jewellery to even how we style our homes. Why is it so popular? 

Well let me tell you something beautiful people, less really is more. I feel like in today's society sometimes everything can be so cramped, rushed, chaotic & loud, so why not add in some simplicity in our life where we can! Let's go back to basics & just maybe some things may become simpler. Now that's not too say you can't wear that bright busy dress you love or have a crazy colourful cushion on the lounge, you rock that. But like a wise lady once said "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror & take one thing off" - CoCo Chanel. I think she's on to something there! 

Lara x


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